Silica Coating Agents


Colloidal silica (hydrosol) based coating agents.

These functional coating agents are implemented by modifying the surface of the silica particles with silicone compounds.


Water based silica coating agent with excellent stability

Excellent water-resistance, chemical-resistance, heat-resistance and hardness

Transparent film

Easy handling


Functional coating for glass, metal, ceramic, fiber, etc.

Product Specifications

  Unit SMC-374-1 FB-4562
pH 2.9-3.5 8-10
Specific gravity at (25±1)℃ 1.100-1.200 1.100-1.200;
Solid at (150±2)℃, 1hr wt% 25±1 38±1
Viscosity at (25±1)℃ cps Max. 50 Max. 50
Remarks Anti-corrosion coating Glass fiber reinforced coating

Safety Information

Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before handling and using.

Do not freeze. Keep closed container.

Use personal protective clothing, gloves and chemical goggles.

Wash thoroughly after handling.

Promptly clean up spills or contaminated clothing with water.