Inorganic Binders for Agglomeration


Specifically modified silicates based inorganic binders for agglomeration

They can be used to make panel or board with expanded vermiculite or perlite, mineral powder,ceramic powder, metal powder or granules, etc.


Environmental safety

High bonding strength

Heat-resistance, non flammable property


Easy handling


Inorganic board, inorganic sandwich panel core, inorganic fire door core, heat-resistant component

Product Specifications

  IB-A6 IB-A33 IB-A10 ECO-H
PH 11-12 11-12 11-12 (Hardening aid)
Specific gravity (20℃) 1.250-1.350 1.300-1.400 1.300-1.400
Solid (wt%, 250℃, 1Hr) 30±1 33.5±1 35±1
Viscosity (cps, 20℃) Max. 100 Max. 100 Max. 100
Remarks Sodium silicate Sodium silicate Sodium-potassium silicate Powder