Sodium Silicate Solutions


Sodium silicate solutions are the solutions of sodium oxide (Na2O) and silicon dioxide (SiO2) combined in various ratios. Generally, they are described to Na2O-nSiO2-xH2O and the ratio of SiO2 to Na2O is very important factor for their properties. The molar ratio is calculated as follows:

Molar ratio (MR) = [Weight ratio of SiO2/ Na2O] × 1.032

Sodium silicate solution contains various monomeric and polymeric silica ion and colloidal silica ion micelles. Their types, distribution, ions and the size of micelles depend on the molar ratio and concentration of sodium silicate solution.

The melting point of silica (SiO2) contained sodium silicates is 1,710℃ and sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) is 849℃. The exact melting point of sodium silicate glass is not known but sodium silicate glasses begin to be flexible at 550~670℃, melt at 730~870℃ and completely melt higher than 1,300℃.

The viscosity of the sodium silicate solution depends on molar ratio. For the same molar ratio. it is varied by the concentration and the temperature. The viscosity becomes higher as the concentration becomes higher, and the viscosity lower as the temperature higher. But when the temperature go down under 20℃ and it becomes high suddenly.

Sodium silicates alkaline and possess strong buffering characteristics. This is of particular importance in detergent applications and in the bleaching of paper and textiles. The pH of sodium silicate solution is determined by the molar ratio and concentration.


Soil stabilization (Chemical Grouting and sodium silicate)

Adhesives and Cements

Pulp and Paper


Silica sol, silica gel, precipitated silica and zeolite


Water treatment



Product Specifications
  Unit No.1-1 (1-1호) No.2-1 (2-1호) No.2C (주물2호) No.3 (KS) (3호KS) No.4 (4호)
pH 12-13 12-13 12-13 12-13 11-12
Specific gravity at (20±1)℃ 1.570-1.590 1.550-1.570 Min. 1.490 1.380 이상 1.260-1.270
Na2O wt% 15-16 13-14 12-13 9-10 5-6
SiO2 wt% 31-33 33-35 31-33 28-30 21.5-23.5
Molar ratio 2.0-2.2 2.4-2.6 2.5-2.7 3.1-3.3 3.9-4.1
Viscosity at (20±1)℃ cps 1000-2000 1000-2000 Min. 500 Min. 100 Max. 100

Safety Information

Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before handling and using.

Do not freeze. Keep closed container.

Use personal protective clothing, gloves and chemical goggles.

Do not breathe spray mist. Do not taste or swallow.

Wash thoroughly after handling.

Promptly clean up spills or contaminated clothing with water.