Inorganic Solidification System


Inorganic Solidification System can solidify soil, sand or other inorganic materials instead of cement.

It is consist of Inorganic Solidification Binder and Powder. They react chemically and form inorganic polymer bonds.


Environmentally safe inorganic solidification system

Inorganic liquid binder and powder react chemically and form durable inorganic polymer bonds.

Cement-free solidification system. Silica-alumina based inorganic polymerization system

Development of quick early compressive strength

Excellent water-resistance, acid-resistance

Wide applications


cement-free walking trail and cycling trail, cement-free blocks, cement-free mortars, etc.

Product Specifications

pH 12-14 (Hardening aid)
Specific gravity (20℃) 1.400-1.500
Solid (%, 250℃, 1Hr) 43±1
Viscosity (cps, 20℃) Max. 100
Remarks Sodium-potassium silicate; Powder

Component analysis of SC-201MF (ICP): As, Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr(VI) not detected

Component analysis of SC-H (ICP): As, Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr(VI) not detected

Component analysis of leaching solution of solidified soil (ICP): As, Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr(VI) not detected

Recommended mixing ratio (weight ratio): sand & gravel 700-1000, SC-H 80, SC-201MF 100

Safety Information

Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before handling and using.

Do not freeze. Keep closed container.

Use personal protective clothing, gloves and chemical goggles.

Wash thoroughly after handling.

Promptly clean up spills or contaminated clothing with water.