Inorganic Binder Systems


Soluble silicate solutions have various advantages such as adhesion, binding, deflocculation/suspension, buffering, forming films, anti-corrosion, etc and they have been applied in various industries. Their environmental safety, high bonding strength, easy handling, anti-corrosive property, heat-resistance, non flammable property also add their values and make them to be considered as special materials.

We, YOUNG IL CHEMICAL CO., LTD. have concentrated our attention on the modification of soluble silicate solutions according to the variety of industry and user's requirements. We have developed Specifically Modified Silicates based Inorganic Binder Systems and applied in various industrial fields:

Chemical grouting

Soil concrete

Landscaping blocks

Building materials

Fireproof materials

Waterproofing and hardening of concrete



Your requirements are the direction of our product developments. We will go along with you as a your companion through concentrating on high quality, functional distinction and inorganic-organic hybrid.