Inorganic Binder Systems for coating


Specifically modified silicate based inorganic binder systems for various applications in the coating

Water-resistant silicate binder


Environmental safety

High bonding strength

Heat-resistance, non flammable property, anti-corrosion and acid-resistance


Easy handling


High temperature insulation paint, fireproof paint

Anti-corrosion coating for metals

Insulation coatings in Electrics and Electronics

Other fields required inorganic coating

Product Specifications

Unit ECO-M500 R-501 R-701ST SFR-0582
pH 11-12 11-12 11-12 11-12
Specific gravity at (20±1)℃ 1.200-1.300 1.200-1.300 1.150-1.250 1.300-1.400
Solid at (250±2)℃, 1hr wt% 26±1 27±1 24±1 37±1
Viscosity at (20±1)℃ cps Max. 50 Max. 50 Max. 50 Max. 300
Remarks thin coating thin coating for metals thin coating for metals Inorganic paint

Safety Information

Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before handling and using.

Do not freeze. Keep closed container.

Use personal protective clothing, gloves and chemical goggles.

Wash thoroughly after handling.

Promptly clean up spills or contaminated clothing with water.